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Welcome to the home of MoxQuizz.
General Description

MoxQuizz is a multilingual quiz/trivia script for IRC built for eggdrop bots. It started as a clone of HSE's quizbot, but quickly grew to an independent program with own features. You can see it running in channel #quiz and on

MoxQuizz acts as a game master playing a quiz/game of trivia in a channel of you choice. Normally, a question is posted to the channel and all chatter is searched for the answer. If something matches an answer or an optional regular expression, the user who said it receives a score. The high-score table will be printed regularly (at each third of the game). When a player reaches a certain score, he wins the quiz and the rankings will be reseted. His/her score is recorded in the allstars table, too.

Language Messages Questions Added
english yes 5894 +457
french yes -
german yes 4447 -2167
greek yes -
malaysian - 3444 0
norwegian - 651 +85
spanish - 1415 0
Supported languages
You can use your own question files (they are always welcome to be included in future distributions, note that the current database is based on such files). See the README.database for a description of the file format, it's quite straight forward and editable with any text editor. The bot comes with several databases and message sets:

MoxQuizz was completely written from scratch.

Though it is quite stable, you may encounter bugs. See the README for more information about the available commands (README.moxfun for the fun commands) and the NEWS for a list of recent changes.

MoxQuizz has a place at and a sourceforge project page

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