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Since development is about to be resumed - as of 2011-04 - it needs at least some kind of roadmap and list of planned features. Some of them might be implemented soon, some of them might never come and simply vanish from this list again. At the time of writing, it is planned to finalize the work done since the latest version 0.8.1 to get to a version 1.0. The work will mainly focus on internal restructuring of the code and propably include some of the mods already available on the net. Roadmap to 1.0:
  • DONE - introduce TCL namespaces
  • DONE - publish version 0.9.0 (no functional changes)
  • open - improve usage of TCL namespaces
  • open - publish version 0.9.1 (no functional changes)
  • open - include modifications available on the net and compatible with GPL license model
  • open - publish version 0.9.1+n
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