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2022-12-11:  Forums now removed from links, they weren't working anyways.
2011-05-15:  And here it is, the next (development) version of MoxQuizz: Version 0.9.0 (gpg-sig). Although it is a development version, it should behave just like the 0.8.x series. Please expect glitches and random errors! I appreciate any reports to improve the 0.9.x.
2011-04-26:  After the conversion I revived my old, unfinished work using namespaces throughout the code. A first testrun was successful and I can now think about a roadmap and future developments of the code. A restructuring of the website is needed, too.
2011-04-21:  Just checkin in ... moxquizz is still in use, great! I converted the subversion repository to git and - given enough time - will start integration the contributions which are floating around the web.
2008-04-17:  It's alive! Forums now reopened, come in crowds and enjoy the sharing of information!
2005-09-22:  Added version 0.9.0-alpha-3 (gpg-sig) to the download page. This is a intermediate release of the current code base which has been split into multiple files to make the code more manageable. It has not been tested thoroughly yet and I encourage you to do so. There are no new features, only new bugs.
2005-08-25: Share your experience and talk with other users in the forums. The forums replace the mailing lists since those are not used at all.
2005-01-26:  If you like MoxQuizz, you might want to donate via
2004-12-11:  Checked and updated list of known channels.
2004-05-29:  Added new page with related programs.
2004-04-12:  Added new page with documentation and links.
2003-08-31:  Moved to and slightly redesigned webpages.
2003-07-20:  Though nothing has changed since 0.8.1-rc1 I decided to release it as 0.8.1. Check the download page to get it. Functionally it works fine, but there might be translation bugs. Important new feature: overrun_protection = when enabled and the game has reached a certain state, no new users are accepted for the current game. Great against the play-before-win-and-return with-other-nick cheat!
2003-05-01:  So far no new news just a note that I am still alive. Real life took its toll and I haven't had the time to take proper care of MoxQuizz. There is a lot of work to be done, so it will still take a while before a new version is released. If you are experienced with MoxQuizz and want to give help to others, please join the help mailinglist.
2002-07-05: New version ahead, I added 0.8.1-rc1 (gpg-sig), the release candidate for 0.8.1. Missing work: translation update, catching bugs (if any)
2002-06-08: Started a FAQ for MoxQuizz. It will grow over the time and give the most wanted infos.
2002-05-16:  Win with MoxQuizz If you speak german, take a look at IRC Mania, a german info site about IRC. From the 17th-19th May 2002 they grant prices for those ppl who win at their AngeBot. Don't miss it!
2002-02-02: After half a year of small steps, I herby announce a new version of MoxQuizz, namely 0.8.0. Main features: more questions, multi language support (yeah, confuse your user by switching to a new language online) and a security fix. Grab your copy from the download section. Expect minor glitches.
2001-12-30: I put together a small archive for those who want to do a translation. Just grab moxlang-20020103.tar.gz and read the README.translation in it. Tell me if there are any problems.
2001-12-01: Finally a new version is almost ready (currently beta testing). Most important change: MoxQuizz speaks other languages than english (currently german). Translators needed :) This version requires eggdrop 1.6.8+ and TCL 8.3.2+.
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